Center For Cultural Events


Reservations for 2017 Season

We are very excited to offer cultural opportunities for our area through the use of the theater facility.  Click on the link below for the application form and the terms for using the DeKalb Outdoor Theater. 

 Theater Application

Any interested group may apply.  Selection of events from the applicants will be based on the values, vision and mission of this organization.  We sincerely hope that all interested parties can participate but we are limited to three events per week (Sunday through Saturday). 

We offer two types of opportunities for use of the Outdoor Theater as follows:



 Each event on a Friday

Start series 6/2/17, conclude series 8/11/17 (11 events)

Starting time for these events:  7:30 PM (2-hours maximum length)

These events are to be free admission

Donations or selling items are acceptable


Sponsorships develop by the Board and/or by individual groups

Publicity by the Board for the series of events



Timing as requested by user

Charging admission to events acceptable but not required

Limit of 3-events (including performance series event) per week total


Submit application by mail to:

Outdoor Theater Application
P.O. Box 452
Auburn, IN  46706